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The Natural Soap Maker

Making Soap with the Hot & Cold Process Methods

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The Natural Soap Maker    Loaded with recipes and formula’s to make soap the old fashioned way, coupled with modern technology for faster preparation and easier clean up.  We do feel making your own soap is quickly becoming far cheaper, producing a much higher quality soap than the new age Melt and Pour soaps.  We love melt and pour--but the cost of gas and shipping these days is making the old method look VERY enticing.  It is almost cheaper to buy castile bricks from us than Melt and Pour if you simply want to rebatch soap and mold it.  Old fashioned soap is long lasting and gives off a natural "clean" and "sexy" scent.  Very easy to make with ingredients local to you.

This spiral bound book has been updated to add "How to Cure Your Soap in the Oven in 2 Hours" among other great recipes and techniques. Not one of the Mabel White books deal with messy double broiler methods—or long stirring times.  We opt for the nuker, blenders and hand help whipper instead.  Mabel makes clean up so easy—you will always want to be making your own all natural concoctions at home.  Recently updated with metric conversions as well as the U.S. standard of weights.  (66 Pages.)  Registered National Library of Canada, Ottawa, ISBN 1-894872-08-8.

Learn the cold process method of true soap making from start to finish! Making your own soap is easy. We even show you how to make your own soap in a blender to speed things up along with providing tons of great recipes for just about every use. Recipes include: Making your own soap is easy.  Just a few examples of recipes include: Mabel's Marble Soap, Tuscany Soap, Faux Neutrogena and Castile, Almond Cold Cream Soap, Shaving Soap for Men, Mechanics Soap, Carrot Soap, Jack Soap, Guinness Beer Soap, Wine Soap, Cocoa Peppermint Soap and much more! Get started today in making your own soap with ingredients easily available at the grocery market.  We also provide a natural coloration chart so you can use natural and handy elements like spices to achieve color.  We also teach you how to cure your soap in the oven for 2 1/2 hours instead of waiting a month and taking up counter space!

Make your own soap to give away as gifts, for your guest, and/or for your home. Cold processed soap can even be stamped with an emboss of your business or family name. The possibilities are endless. This book also includes herbal combinations, such as Chamomile and Rosemary, and how to use every day household spices to achieve natural coloration. This eBook prints as 64 well laid out pages. 

Making cold and hot process soap is now made easy with our stick blender method.  Most soaps trace within a few minutes.  Gone are the days of stirring for hours!  Once you make your own cold process soap you will never want to buy soap at the store again.  People that use our soap swear they smell "clean" even when using unscented soap.  Why?  It is all natural soap.  In fact what we buy in the stores is a "bar" but no where will you see "soap" on the label.   We also show you the best way to "gift wrap" your soap with the new Reynolds parchment paper (found in any grocery store) and sealing with a simple gold foil label--even Hallmark would sell you.  The Reynolds paper is water resistant unlike other parchment papers.

If you are still intimidated by lye, you can start off softly with The Soap Rebatcher.  Rebatching is basically better to do around kids, and does not involve lye.  You are simply taking pure soap, (not grocery store soap--that is not soap)  shredding it in a food processor and cooking it in a crock pot with stuff you do like.  This is known as "Re-Milling" and a great second step also for base soap makers not afraid of lye.  When you rebatch soap--the additives come out stronger and more potent, as well as produce a  harder soap.  This is why wealthy people seek "double" and "triple" milled type soaps.  Click here for The Soap Rebatcher!

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