95 Smoothie Recipes eBook

by Mabel White

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Enjoy vibrant health the tasty way!  Add juice, yogurt, wheat germ, bee pollen, and so much more to make your own gourmet smoothies that are full of life!  We show you how with our 95 recipe eBook that is promptly delivered to your door!  (e-mail actually)  Satisfaction is guaranteed!

When summer is here and our thirst needs to be quenched! 

Enjoy this collection of 95 thirst quenching Smoothie recipes!

Get out the blender and whip up a Cherry Vanilla Smoothie or, if strawberry is your flavor of choice, try the Strawberry Breeze or the Strawberry Lemonade! There are flavors that will satisfy everyone's taste buds!

Many of those delicious recipes are made with yogurt versus ice cream which will appeal to those who prefer to serve healthier drinks!

Strawberry SmoothieBlueberry Smoothie 
Banana-Oat Smoothies 
Berry Smoothie 
Choco-Banana Wonder Smoothie 
Speedy the Monkey Smoothie 
Fruit Smoothie 
Cinnamon Smoothie 
Very Berry Smoothie 
Strawberry Almond Tofu Power Smoothie 
Pineapple Banana Orange Mango Power Smoothie 
Peach Melba Smoothie 
Cherry Vanilla Smoothie 
Pina Colada Smoothie 
Strawberry/Blueberry Smoothie 
Banana Pear Berry Smoothie 
Strawana Smoothie 
Purple Smoothie 
Strawberry Breeze 
Pineapple Smoothie 
Fruit yogurt smoothie 
Avocado smoothie 
Orange Creamsicle smoothie 
Orange-banana-strawberry drink 
Peach-Strawberry Smoothie 
Paradise Peel-away 
Banana-Orange Twist 
Good Morning Sunshine 
Apple Gingersnap 
Kiwi Cooler 
Chocolate-Banana Monkey Flip 
Peach Almond Banana Bliss 
Strawberry Raspberry 
Orange Banana 
Apricot Peach 
Pina Colada 
Pina Banana 
Tropical Strawberry 
Berry Cranberry 
Cocoa Berry 
Kiwi Strawberry 
Chocolate Banana 
Java Smoothie 
Peanut Butter Banana 
Strawberry Mango 
Mango Raspberry 
Blueberry Banana 
Banana Split Smoothie 
Orange Razz 
Pineapple Papaya 
Cherry Vanilla 

Papaya Smoothie
Strawberry Banana 
Cantaloupe Cherry 
Hawaiian Silk 
Apple Peach Kick 
Pistachio Banana 
Artic Forest 
Tangy Summer Blend 
Papaya Raspberry 
Apricot Mango 
Papaya Nectarine 
Tropical Tofu Berry 
Pineapple Berry Crash 
Apple Coconut 
Berry Almond Blast 
Persimmon Madness 
Tangerine Dreams 
Mango Passion 
June Smoothie 
The Ultimate Smoothie 
Caramel Apple 
Strawberry Lemonade 
The Quick Skinny 
Peanut Butter Soy Delight 
Pineapple Power 
Moosewood Peach-Berry Shake 
Purple Paradise 
Twisted Daiquiri 
The Face Squincher 
Rainbow Berry Smoothie 
Island Frost 
Lemon Lush 
Orange Heaven 
Divine Mocha Serenity 
Berryapple Blend



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