20 Great Salsa Recipes

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Spice up your cooking with this collection of great Salsa Recipes. Forget about the commercial products! Make your own from scratch. Fresh is always better!

"Use fresh ingredients to get the best results and serve with tacos, chips, pretzels, breadsticks or vegetable sticks."

Cook double recipes and store them in jars for future use or as great gifts to give to your friends.

1) Pineapple Salsa
2) Fresh Tomato Salsa
3) Picante Salsa
4) Sweet Salsa
5) Bean & Salsa Dip
6) Mexican Salsa Dip
7) Avocado Salsa
8) Thai Salsa
9) Green Tomato Salsa
10) Bell Pepper Salsa
11) Super Bowl Salsa
12) Spicy Salsa
13) Classic Salsa (HOT)
14) Pinto Three Cheese Salsa
15) Spicy Cocktail Salsa
16) Creamy Cucumber Salsa
17) Zucchini Salsa
18) Party Salsa
19) Chunky Salsa
20) Oriental Salsa


Crab and Salsa!


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