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Vintage PEPSI Recipes

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Pepsi all began in 1898 in New Bern, North Carolina by a pharmacist and drug store owner Caleb Bradham.

In the mid 1890's, soda fountain drinks were often thought (and touted) to have certainBarbecued Ribs! medicinal values and pharmacists like Caleb Bradham often experimented mixing their own formulas. Bradham's concoction became so popular, it became known locally as "Brad's Drink" and remained so until 1898, when Caleb officially named the beverage "Pepsi-Cola".  These are very similar to the Coke a Cola Recipes.

These recipes are excellent as well as unusual and were created mostly by North Carolina locals shortly after the opening of the first Cola type  bottling plants.  


Pepsi Cola Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting
Chocolate Pepsi Cola Cake 
Pepsi-Cola Carrot Cake 
Colombian Fresh Banana Cake With Sea Foam Frosting Pepsi Cola
Pepsi Cola Frosting 
Brazilian Iced Chocolate Pepsi Cola 
Chinese Pepper Steak Pepsi-Cola 
Indian Chicken Curry Pepsi-Cola 
Japanese Pickled Cauliflower Pepsi-Cola 
Pepsi Cola Salad
Zesty Pepsi Cola Salad 
Grecian Green Beans Pepsi-Cola 
Pepsi-Cola Chicken 
Crock pot Pepsi Cola Roast 
German Sauerbraten Pepsi-Cola 
Hungarian Goulash Pepsi-Cola 
Russian Beef Stroganoff Pepsi-Cola 
Pepsi-Cola Basted Ham
Pepsi Cola Oven Barbecue 
Pepsi-Cola Chicken 
Pepsi Cola and Catsup Chicken 
Pepsi-Cola Barbecue Sauce 
Italian Minestrone Soup Pepsi-Cola 
French Onion Soup Pepsi-Cola 

Kids and adults love these meals and don't know why unless you tell them!

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