52 Beef Jerky Recipes & Other Meat Jerky Recipes  
by Deborah Dolen, Mabel White Illustrator

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A good Jerky is was one of the easiest things to make and once you get your technique down, you can make tons of it!  Beef Jerky was one of the mainstays of American pioneers when they were settling the west! It enabled them to preserve their meat and ensured they did not go hungry in times of need.

Now, with this collection of Beef Jerky recipes, you can enjoy the experience of producing your very own masterpieces! Enjoy the many delicious flavors such as Hot and Tangy, Hawaiian, Taj Mahal, Herb, Lemon and many more! Delivery of this dynamite cookbook is within hours--if not minutes.  Shipping is Free and Satisfaction is guaranteed

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Baja Style
Blue Ribbon Jerky
Beef T-Jerky
Beef Jerky Recipe The Kids Love -Thick w Honey
Beef, Deer, Elk or Moose Jerky
Branch Jerky - Venison
Brined Jerky - Smoker
Cucumber Garlic Yogurt Sauce for Greek Styles
Cured Jerky - Commercial Red
Deer Jerky Brine & Smoke
Deer Jerky II
Deli Meat Jerky
Dixie Jerky -All Game -Beer
EZ Style
Fave Jerky Recipe
Granny's Jerky
Greek Style Gyro Jerky
Greek Style Hamburger Jerky
Ground Meat Jerky
Hamburger Jerky
Hawaiian Jerky
Herb Jerky
Home Style Jerky
Hot & Smoky Coke Jerky
Hot & Tangy Jerky
Jack Black Label Sweet Jerky
Jerky Venison and Red Wine Vinegar
Jerky Marinade -Simple- 4 Parts
Jerky Time - Multi Meat
Lemon Seasoning Jerky

Beef Jerky

Marinated Jerky
Marinated Spicy Caribou Jerky
Mild Mexican Jerky Dry Rub
Onion Ground Beef Jerky
Oriental Style

Pepper Beef Jerky w Triple Sec
Sweet Jerky
Taj Mahal Satay Style w Peanut
Teriyaki Marinade
Thai Beef Jerky
The Jerky Marinade
Valley Style
Vegetable Roll-ups
Venison Jerky-Cold Smoke
Venison Jerky BBQ Style
Venison Jerky #2 "The Best Venison Recipe EVER"
Venison Jerky #3
Venison Jerky #4
Well Seasoned Jerky
Western Barbecue Jerky
Western Barbeque Jerky Sweet
Wild Game Jerky - w Whiskey
Yankee Style