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How to Make Your Own Perfume

The ingredients in a bottle of store bought perfume or cologne cost about ten percent of the retail price, the rest is in packaging, advertising, sales profit, and tax. Now wouldnít you rather put your money into really exotic essential oils that you could afford, by simply making your own perfume? Havenít you ever smelled a fragrance and you just knew that if you were a perfume that this one would be you? Now these essential oils could set you back a dollar or two, but donít panic, you need only a drop or two of jasmine, for example, to infuse a bottle of really luxurious perfume. Unlike many store bought perfumes you can be sure that you are buying the real thing.

Maintaining the natural essence is one of the advantages of making your own perfume. You donít have to worry about added chemicals and preservatives going onto your skin and drying it out or even worse having a severe reaction to it. Now I am not saying that you cannot have a reaction to the essential oils, each person has an individual chemistry in their body, so it might be best to try a sample of the essential oils.  

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