Vintage Coca-Cola Recipes!

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  Coca-Cola all began in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. A man by the name of John Styth Pemberton thought he was creating a headache remedy. Pemberton patented his remedy and called it 'French Wine Cola'. Shortly after John Pemberton created this syrup, he took a jug of it to Willis Venable, the manager of the largest soda fountain in Atlanta. Venable liked the syrup when he mixed it with water and agreed to sell it at his fountain. 

So it is said that a few months later a new clerk mixed it with soda water... and thus,Southern Food coke as we know it was born. Pemberton died in 1888 and could not live to see the success of his soft drink, but he knew something of the value of the drink he created two years earlier. 

Two weeks after Pemberton passed, Griggs Chandler purchased the remaining 1/3 of Coca-Cola stock for $1,000. He then became Coca-Cola's sole proprietor. In August of 1888 he received exclusive rights to Coca-Cola. The company showed a $100,000 gross profit each of its first two years.  These recipes are excellent as well as unusual and were created by Atlanta locals shortly after the opening of the first Coca-Cola bottling plant.  

Our favorite recipe is chicken Coca Cola.  Basically chicken breast baked with onions, a cup of ketchup and a cup of coca cola.  Our friends and kids go wild for it and it is so very easy to make!



Recipes in the Great Cookbook Include:

Coca Cola BBQ Sauce  Coke Triangle Punch Coca-Cola Dream Salad
 Coke-Cola Salad Chicken Coke a Cola Chicken Wings in Coke
Turkey Marinade Perfect Brisket Coca Cola Roast 


Baked Ham Coke Crock Pot Roast Texas Lava Chili 
Chili Coke Roast  Hungarian Goulash   German Roast 
Coca Cola Icing Coke-Cola Cake Coca-Cola Carrot Cake

Kids and adults love these meals and don't know why unless you tell them!


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